Eric Johnson’s enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to going the extra mile have paid huge dividends for clients, with more than $4 million raised in just the past three years. Whether it’s your organization’s first auction or your 60th anniversary, Eric will help you meet and exceed your revenue goals.

Eric adapts to your auction’s needs, no matter if it’s the main ballroom in a chic hotel or the friendly confines of the gymnasium at your elementary school—all clients, clad in bespoke tuxedos or Awesome 80s, receive equal attention.

We walk hand in hand with you through every aspect of the auction process with copious pre-auction consulting. We’re experts in maximizing revenue from your Fund-a-Need (aka Direct Appeal, Paddle Raise, The Sweep, et al.) with a customized five-part plan. We’ll suggest games and other revenue-enhancers, in addition to the best order for your live auction items. We’ll also research every item on your list, so we can talk about restaurants near a donated cabin, or the history of a double magnum. If your auction list is a little sparse, we can even help drum up more donations from your base.

Then, on the night of the show, Eric will work with your team of volunteers so they become part of the magic. We’ll do silent auction and raffle announcements, conduct games, and help out with all the last-minute items that always crop up. No matter what happens during your live auction, Eric will adjust on the fly and make sure any problems or hiccups are transparent to your attendees—we take our fun very seriously.

Call Eric today at 916.524.4311 for a customized quote, and take your auction to the next level!